Cancer Claims

Cancer Claims

Most commonly, we deal with cancer claims arising from a delay in diagnosis. Such delays in diagnosis are usually encountered due to:

  • A failure to refer for appropriate investigations; or
  • A failure to interpret x-rays or scans correctly; or
  • A failure to interpret the histology correctly.

Our medical negligence specialists have experience in dealing with claims involving all of the above.

To succeed in a delayed diagnosis medical negligence claim, not only do we have to be able to prove a negligent act (or failure to act), we also have to prove that this failure altered the outcome. Usually this means showing that as a result of the delay, the cancer has progressed to a more advanced stage than would otherwise have been the case. We determine this with the assistance of specialist medical advice.

We don’t just deal with delayed diagnosis claims. Our specialist medical negligence solicitors have also acted for claimants who have been incorrectly diagnosed with cancer when this was, in fact, not the case. In such cases, claimants have often undergone unnecessary procedures and suffered extreme stress and anxiety as a result of such a distressing diagnosis.

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